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The 40th Anniversary of the Apollo program

This series of commemorative rocket launch flights are staged by FLARE, the Fellowship of Las Cruces Area Rocketry Enthusiasts. We will launch scale models of both Historic White Sands rocketships, and Apollo era spacecraft.

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Apollo 15
SMRA Launch Site, Alamogordo, NM
Saturday, July 23rd, 2011

Mark your calendar. The Apollo 15 40th Anniversary Commemoration Event was held on Saturday July 23rd at the Spaceport Model Rocketry Association Launch Field in Alamogodo. The launch reenactment took place in conjunction with the NASA Advanced Rocketry Workshop Certification Launch. The launch was scrubbed to due to ignitor failure.

Scale model of Saturn VThis commemoration was a launch of the scale model Saturn V complete with tower and launch facility base. The launch included the actual countdown recording, and a pair of "Pre-ignition" motors in the base to simulate lighting the great rocket before it races into orbit. The model flies to around 750ft. on an F42 motor and returns to earth on parachutes.

Apollo 15 mission facts:

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Directions to SMRA launch site in Alamogordo (PDF).