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The 40th Anniversary of the Apollo program

This series of commemorative rocket launch flights are staged by FLARE, the Fellowship of Las Cruces Area Rocketry Enthusiasts. We will launch scale models of both Historic White Sands rocketships, and Apollo era spacecraft.

Find out about the completed Apollo 8, Apollo 9, Apollo 10, Apollo 11, Apollo 12, Apollo 13, Apollo 14, Apollo 15, and Apollo 16 events.

Apollo 10 commemoration
Sunday May 17th, 2009
Las Cruces Exhibition

Sorry to report that this event was a bust. 1) It was on a Sunday. 2) It was the day after our three High School graduations. 3) As we started our launches, a freak gust of wind suddenly blew everything down.

Many lessions were learned. These lessions were applied to subsequent missions. So I guess you could say that it was all in the spirit of the Apollo Missions.

Schedule of Events
0730 Display Tent Opens
0830 – 0845 Rockets of White Sands Demonstration — Wac Corporal, V-2, Little Joe II
0845 – 0915 Manned Space Program Space Vehicle Demonstration
— Mercury Redstone, Mercury Atlas, Gemini Titan, Saturn 1B
0915 – 0945 Apollo 10 Launch Reenactment (Launch at 9:32)
Noon Venue Site Closes

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